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Center Yourself at East Wind Studios, northwest Indiana’s favorite yoga, tai chi & meditation studio. Located in a wonderfully renovated suite in downtown Chesterton, we offer a variety of classes suited to different tastes, abilities and ages. Register online for the most current information on our existing and upcoming classes and workshops. And don’t forget to check out the free Tuesday night classes!

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*We will be closing early Christmas Eve with no evening classes at our studio and closed Christmas Day and December 26th.
*We'll also be closing early New Year's Eve with no evening classes at studio and closed New Year's Day.
*We will be open January 2nd! 


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12/2............Solutions to Low Back Pain
12/9...Meditation with Jane Cooperman

12/16............Solutations to Headaches
12/23.....................108 Sun Salutations
12/30.............Cleansing- Time to Detox



Upcoming Workshops

Beginner Yoga Series
Starting Saturday, January 10th at 10:30am
Our Beginner Yoga Series will be starting up again! 
Class will be Saturday January 10th and run every Saturday through January 31st at 10:30am. 
Diana will go over the basic poses involving the back, arms, legs and abs.  This will help beginners learn proper alignment, proper muscle engagements, and breathing techniques.
**Price for this workshop is $50.  Price includes all 4 Saturdays and must be paid in full to attend ANY of the Saturday Series Classes.
Go to ewstudios.com to register or call 219-728-1647


Since we will be closed the last two Wednesday evenings in December, Mary has decided she would still like to offer her Yin Yoga to everyone!

Mary will be teaching a Yang Detoxifying Twists Yoga

*Saturday, Dec 27th at 9am and 

*Saturday, Jan 3rd at 9am.

Following the 9am class will be her Yin Yoga starting at 10:30am. 

Finding Balance in Life is Crucial... 

Yang Yoga -the active, heated side

Yin Yoga - the restorative, cooling side

A Perfect Saturday Blend!

Class Schedule

9am Peace Yoga**
6pm Hot Yoga**
7pm Power Blend Yoga**

9am Gentle Yoga*
6:30pm Free Class (classes vary)*

8:30am Power Blend Yoga**
6pm Pure Energy yoga**
7pm Yin Yoga*

6pm Intro to Beginner Yoga*
7:15pm Guided Meditation*

9am Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga**
6:30pm Intro to Beginner Yoga: Energizing Flow*

9am Groovin' Yoga*

Beginner/Any *   Some Experience **   Experienced ***



Peace Yoga w/ Elly-  To heal, inspire and nourish your body as well as your heart.

Hot Yoga w/ Tiffany- the practice of yoga in a heated room! A great way to warm the bones in the midest of the chilly weather

Gentle Yoga w/ Amanda- This class is an introduction to yoga for beginners but Amanda also welcomes the more experienced yoga practitioner who might be in the mood for something gentler. The focus is on the breath and body awareness in a series of stretches and basic poses. Variations are offered for the more advanced student.

Power Blend Yoga w/ Chris- In this class, we will be beginning with movement to properly warm up the body! We will go through a series of vinyasa flows for the first 25 min. Then on the last 25 min, we will focus on stretching and restorative poses before completing with a much deserved savasana.  You're going to feel this in the morning!

Pure Energy Yoga w/ Kristy- Pure Energy yoga offers a unique connection between the spine and core which will allow the body to "flow" in a whole new way.  Experience traditional poses with a unique twist involving waves of movement and energy infused with our deep core breath for a class experience that is challenging with out being overwhelming. Our Liquid practice gives us a unique experience to celebrate our strength, courage, and power. 
"our yoga should reflect the unique inner and outer beauty we all have to offer to ourselves and to our lives outside the studio." -Kristy

Yin Yoga w/ Mary- Yin Yoga is a meditative, restorative style of yoga used to balance a more athletic practice by focusing on the slow, patient opening of the deep connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, spine, and arms. This system of nourishing bodily postures (held 3-5 minutes with no standing postures) not only offers an opportunity to surrender and slow down, but also harmonizes the flow of Chi (energy) that is vital for our health. Yin Yoga is a practice for all levels of experience

Introduction to Yoga w/ Elly- Learn the basics of yoga, terms used and proper breathing techniques to prepare yourself for advancement to vinyasa flow yoga classes.

Guided Meditation w/ Cynthia Smith-Faught- Cynthia has been teaching for over 15 years. Her meditations are guided and include all different types from candle gazing to walking meditations. Her classes are designed to supply her students with the tools to cultivate love for one's self and others, supple the techniques for better concentration and focus and help train the mind to better manage the stress of everyday life. Cynthia is an intuitive teacher and will base her classes on the needs of her students.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Mary- Drink in strength and poise as we move through a series of yoga poses linked together by the breath. Vinyasa yoga synchronizes bogy, mind, and breath in a dance-like fashion. Class begins with joint and spine opening warm-ups and concludes with a deep restorative stretching, followed by a quietly healing savasana. Although this is not a beginners class it can be adapted to all levels

Introduction to Beginner Yoga- Energizing Flow w/ Elly- Join Elly for an energizing start to the weekend, whether you are going out with friends or staying in with a mug of tea. This introductory class will help set up the basics of yoga while keeping a steady, flowing pace.

Groovin' Yoga - Join Colleen for her moving, grooving yoga class


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Our studio is open during all class times.       

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Tuesdays 8:30am-12pm
 Saturdays 8:30am-12pm

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