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Center Yourself at East Wind Studios, northwest Indiana’s favorite yoga, tai chi & meditation studio. Located in a wonderfully renovated suite in downtown Chesterton, we offer a variety of classes suited to different tastes, abilities and ages. Register online for the most current information on our existing and upcoming classes and workshops. And don’t forget to check out the free Tuesday night classes!

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Summer Special...

Unlimited classes for July and August: $159
If you have a current active class card, but would like to take advantage of this special, we can put your class card on hold until September!
Don't miss this opportunity!!

Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

Tuesday, July 22 at 6:30pm
Hatha Yoga is the PHYSICAL practice of yoga. We want to stress the importance on why proper alignment is so important during the physical practice of yoga. If improper alignment is practiced every time during a yoga practice, you could begin to see the side effect pop up later in time! Join Tiffany (instructor) and Logan (massage therapist and neuromuscular specialist) as they break down the top major yoga poses to be sure that each time it is practiced, proper body alignment is enforced. The first part of class will be a lecture and the second part will be a yoga class.



7/29............................Anatomy of Hatha Yoga 
8/5.......Pediatric Health: Chinese Medicine for Kids
8/12...........................Meditation w/ Randi Light



Zen and Canvas w/ Kathy Eckert of Canvas Escapes
AUGUST 10th 3-6pm
Enjoy an enchanted evening as we laugh and learn to paint with Kathy Eckert.
Kathy will walk us through step by step on how to create a masterpiece of our own! Each painting will look slightly different as each of our own personalities are expressed through our artwork. Enjoy a glass of wine and a healthy snack along the way.

Visit Canvas Escapes on FACEBOOK to see past painting party photos.

$42 in advance / $50 at door

Come meet our new instructor, Mary Seguin!
She's teaching Yin Yoga, Wednesdays @7pm, and Morning Yoga, Fridays @ 9am.


Pure Energy Yoga w/ Kristy- Liquid Wave yoga offers a unique connection between the spine and core which will allow the body to "flow" in a whole new way.  Experience traditional poses with a unique twist involving waves of movement and energy infused with our deep core breath for a class experience that is challenging with out being overwhelming. Our Liquid practice gives us a unique experience to celebrate our strength, courage, and power. 
"our yoga should reflect the unique inner and outer beauty we all have to offer to ourselves and to our lives outside the studio." -Kristy

Empowering Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Sherri- Vinyasa Flow means "to place or arrange in a special way". It synchronizes the movement with the breath and as a result, the practice can become more meditative which helps to connect the mind with the body.
This class is physically invigorating and will get the heat cranked! It creates strength, flexibility and stability in the body while keeping the breath smooth and deep. Sherri ends class with a well deserved, delicious savasana incorporating her crystal bowl and essential oils for an experience like no other. You will leave feeling cleansed, strengthened, motivated and poised in your power and grace.

Tai Chi w/ Jane- Tai Chi for Adults consists of fluid, gentle movements that are slow in tempo. Over the past ten years more and more research has been done that encourages people with a wide range of medical issues such as arthritis, cardiac rehab, Parkinson, stroke rehab, high blood pressure, balance problems, and depression to practice Tai Chi. Mayo Clinic has recommended Tai Chi to improve strength, flexibility, balance, well being and overall fitness. Our class combines these traditional movements with simple, easy to learn relaxation techniques. Many students have reported better balance, significant pain relief, increased sense of well being, and improved physical ability. So, come join us and learn some new tools to manage stress and allow you to feel better.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Diana- energy building flow yoga with series of salutations of flowing movements, posture building poses, and deep breathing.

Meditation w/ Jane- Introspection/meditation – a mix of meditation techniques designed to relax, inspire, and wind down your brain.  Recommended for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Introduction to Yoga w/ Elly- Learn the basics of yoga, terms used and proper breathing techniques to prepare yourself for advancement to vinyasa flow yoga classes.



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